Loader vs ES6 Classes

John Barton johnjbarton at google.com
Sun Aug 3 11:19:21 PDT 2014

Since I guess not too many developers work with ES6 and the Loader object,
here is some feedback: the Loader callback design does not play well with
ES6 classes.

The Loader takes 'options', an object with function properties like
normalize, locate, and fetch. If you pass a literal object with function
properties, it works fine.

If you pass an instance of a class, then you discover that the Loader calls
these functions with 'this' bound to the Loader, not the 'options' object.

There isn't a simple way around this as far as I know. The options
functions don't have access to the options object, only module-state and
global. So you're stuck with the awkward:
   var loader = new Loader({
      normalize: options.normalize.bind(options),
      locate: options.locate.bind(locate),
I guess you can give up on ES6 inheritance and create the hook instances by
old-school JS, but that is even more annoying.  Or maybe there is something
else I've not thought of?

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