ES6 draft Rev24 now available

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On Tue, Apr 29, 2014 at 10:38 AM, Paulo Matos <paulo at> wrote:

> Thanks. I am new to the list so this might be a recurrent question but is
> there any working prototype implementation of ES6 that people can
> experiment language features with?

There isn't a complete implementation, no. To some extent because parts of
the spec aren't yet stable enough, but mostly because implementing all new
features is a huge amount of work.

Substantial parts of the spec are, however, implemented in various engines.
A good overview of the current state can be seen here:

Additionally, there are a few transpilers that transform ES6 code (again,
not with all features supported) to ES5 as supported in pretty much all
browsers nowadays. Traceur, one of those, is in the table I linked to above.

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