April 10 2014 Meeting Notes

Domenic Denicola domenic at domenicdenicola.com
Fri Apr 25 06:53:14 PDT 2014

> If we want direct language support for resource management, then a proposal should be crafted to add that as a distinct feature.

+1, sort of. But… 

Note that in C#, which has had `IDisposable`/`using` since 1.0 IIRC, all enumerables (i.e. `for`-`each`ables) are `IDisposable`, and their `for`-`each` *does* include such wrapping-in-`using` (i.e. wrapping-in-`try`-`finally`).

So there is precedent for iteration and resource management being coupled. Whether that coupling is necessary, I am not sure.

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