A new ES6 draft is available

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at wirfs-brock.com
Fri Sep 27 15:05:33 PDT 2013

This is Rev 19, The Sept. 27 Draft
And the HTML is available at http://people.mozilla.org/~jorendorff/es6-draft.html 

Changes include:
Better internal cross-linking
Restored NoIn expression productions
Added NoIn productions for Arrow functions
Made yield a reserved word
Corrected TypedArray constructor
Changed branding for DataView to make them more polymorphic with Typed Arrays WRT buffer access and ArrayBuffer.isVGiew
Fixed Array.prototype.concat, filter,map, slice, splice result object construction.
Changed Array.prototype.concat, filter,map, slice, splice such so that when result object is an Array instance, it is from the same Realm as the method.
Clarified differences between %TypedArray% prototype methods and corresponding Array prototype
Renamed [[GetInheritance]] to [[GetPrototypeOf]] and [[SetInheritance]] to [[SetPrototypeOf]].
Changed Proxy [[GetPrototypeOf]] invariant so it only applies if target is not extensible.
Updated CreateOwnDataProperty to to eliminate the assert that the property doesn’t exist. Callers may need to check for success.
Fixed bug in creating result array for %TypedArray% filter
Added algorithms for Object.assign and Object.mixin
Added a IteratorStep abstract operation to simply most internal uses of iterators
Removed the recently added requirement that Typed Array instances must be non=extensible
renamed @@ToPrimitive as @@toPrimitive
Updated Object.prototype.toString for symbols, Math, and JSON
Added @@toStringTag methods for Math and JSON
Made Symbol a primitive type with a wrapper object named Symbol
Make new Object(Symbol()) throw a TypeError
Added properties of Symbol containing the well known symbols
Eliminated destructuring throw for non-existant source properties without a corresponding initializer
Renamed Math roundFloat32 → Math.fround
Math.hypoth is now viadic
Normalized <CR><LF> and <CR> to <LF> in template strings.
Eliminated [[HasOwnProperty]] MOP operation
Must say new DataView(...) to create a new one
Resolved bugs: 1940-1939, 1937-1930, 1928-1911, 1907-1904, 1899, 1896-1894, 1891, 1889, 1884-1881, 1878-1871, 1867, 1864, 1862-1860, 1857-1856, 1853, 1850-1816, 1812-1810, 1808-1806, 1803, 1606, 1598, 1589, 1153

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