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Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Thu Sep 26 19:01:15 PDT 2013

Going to keep this short and sweet:

- Enumerability?  Yawn...  Enumerability of user-created meta-level method
names is fine and should be expected, just as we expect enumerability of
"_"-prefixed method names today.

- Duck typing *must* work across Realms.  Symbols without a registry do
not.  You can make special cases for built-in symbols, but special cases
make bad law.

- If you are going to use a symbol registry, then you really need to prove
how that is any better than just using the registry key itself.

- Is getting a symbol with (1) a GUID and (2) a friendly name, then (3)
toting that object around really more ergonomic than just using a string

- Perfect (collision avoidance) is the enemy of the good (collision

- Symbols are surprisingly tricky at the spec level.  (new Symbol() throws,

{ Kevin }
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