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Thu Sep 26 15:33:35 PDT 2013

On Sep 26, 2013, at 3:13 PM, Rick Waldron wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 26, 2013 at 6:02 PM, Erik Arvidsson <erik.arvidsson at> wrote:
> No surprise here, but I also support using "@" methods.
> I don't. Please see my response to Kevin Smith:
> I'm also in
> favor of making methods non enumerable by default. This makes them
> more consistent with what we have in ES today.
> That might be the case for methods defined on prototypes of built-in objects, but it's absolutely not the case for user land code. Please see the examples in my previous response to Allen:
so name your events property "@RickWaldron at events".

If somebody subclasses Emitter and know that property name, then they must be doing something intentional.

Unique Symbols don't guarantee that sort of integrity. All you've accomplish by using them as in your example is to minimize that chance that somebody else doesn't accidentally use the same property name for some other purpose.  Naming your property "@RickWaldron at events" also makes such accidentally unlikely.

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