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On Wed, Sep 25, 2013 at 11:41 AM, Michaël Rouges
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> Hi all,
> Given the number of scripts from various sources that may be contained in
> a web page, there may be prototyping conflicts.
> To solve this, heavy techniques are often used, such as iframes, to execute
> code in peace.
> I'm often thinking it might be much easier to tell the browser to have a
> native to a given context, incidentally, to the functions from this
> context & nested, regarding on the last relative scope with this
> instruction.
> What I suggest, therefore it is a complementary mode to `'use strict'`...
> the `'use native'`.

This list has been around the new pragma block several times and in the end
the following (or something similar) holds: adding a new pragma will
effectively creates a new "version" of the language and that's not going to
happen any time soon.

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