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Domenic Denicola domenic at
Wed Sep 25 11:41:49 PDT 2013

From: Kevin Smith [zenparsing at]

> I'm still not quite convinced that objects-as-maps make a truly isolated namespace necessary, however.  I would be convinced by a code example showing how a property of an object using arbitrary string keys could be misinterpreted as a meta-level property.

> I'll try to think of one...

The hard part of producing such examples is that most of the meta-level properties are functions (e.g. iterator), and thus it's not trivially easy to produce an object from `JSON.parse`ing user input. But there are some meta-level properties that are not functions, namely @@isRegExp, @@toStringTag, and @@unscopables.

So let's say that we decided to use a non-isolated namespace of strings, instead of unique symbols. Thus, we would have `"std:isRegExp"`, `"std:toStringTag"`, and `"std:unscopeables"`. Well, then simple code like this:

var requestBody = JSON.parse(req.body);

could end up getting a very weird object, if I POSTed the string

  "std:isRegExp": true,
  "std:toStringTag": "My Custom String Tag With Spaces and Punctuation!",
  "std:unscopeables": ["hasOwnProperty", "toString", "propertyIsEnumerable"]

to that HTTP endpoint.

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