Removing Proxy hasOwn() trap (Was: [[Invoke]] and implicit method calls)

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Tue Sep 24 12:15:19 PDT 2013

> On Sep 24, 2013, at 8:13 AM, Jason Orendorff wrote:
> >/  On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 7:23 AM, Tom Van Cutsem < at  <>> wrote:
> />>/  [forking from [[invoke]]-thread for clarity]
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> />/  Thanks!
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> />>/  Allen: would the removal of the hasOwn() trap imply that we can drop the
> />>/  [[HasOwnProperty]] internal method altogether?
> /
> I look at the the opposite way -- we have an 'hasOwn' trap because be have a [[HasOwnProperty]] internal method ;-)
> I pretty sure we discussed this before and decided we wanted to keep [[HasOwnProperty]].  However, the only reason I can think of for doing so now is to avoid forcing exotic objects to allocated the property descriptors that [[GetOwnProperty]] produces.

Exotic string and integer indexed objects ( = TypedArray instances) 
provide custom implementations for [[HasOwnProperty]] for exactly this 

> >/  
> />/  I searched the spec. There are not very many places where
> />/  [[HasOwnProperty]] is used; each one can be replaced with a call to an
> />/  Abstract Operation defined like this:
> /
> Right, an none of the places seem particularly performance sensitive.  In particular, ordinary property lookup uses [[GetOwnProperty]] rather than [[HasOwnProperlty]]

[[HasProperty]] for ordinary objects also uses [[HasOwnProperty]]. So 
this needs to be taken into account when searching for performance 
sensitive calls.
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