Set to Array conversions

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Mon Sep 16 10:03:05 PDT 2013

Le 16 sept. 2013 à 18:38, Brendan Eich <brendan at> a écrit :

> Claude, thanks for answering, one correction at bottom:
>> Claude Pache <mailto:claude.pache at>
>> September 16, 2013 11:42 AM
>> I suggest:
>> [ ... mySet ]
>> or, if you don't want to use any new syntax:
>> Array.from(mySet)
>> —Claude
>> P.S. The syntax  `[e for e of mySet]` is outdated in Harmony, you should use `[(for let e of mySet) e]`.
> No, the new syntax is [for (e of mySet) e] -- no let and parens in the same place as in the for-of/in loop statements.
> /be

Yes, thanks. The wrong placement of parens was a typo. But for the `let` keyword, I just realise that there is a discrepancy between for/of loops and comprehensions.


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