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> Hello,
> I think the definition of modulo is wrong. 
> k should be of the same sign as x not as y.

I think the definition is correct, and is more useful than the opposite convention. It is indeed the opposite convention of the one used by the remainder operator (`%` in JS), but it is not the remainder operator. (BTW, is there any chance that the modulo operator [1] will be introduced in EcmaScript, rather sooner than later?)


In fact, since `x modulo y` is apparently only use with positive (and integral) `y` in the specification, the definition should be simplified, by restricting to the case where `y` is positive.

> Also, shouldn't ToUint32 and ToUint16 return only positive numbers? If the argument is, for example, -3, the result will be -3 (assuming that the modulo definition is wrong). Or maybe the argument will never be negative?

Assuming the modulo definition is correct, `ToUint32` and `ToUint16` work as expected (if the argument is `-3` the result is `2^32-3`, resp. `2^16-3`.


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