[[Invoke]] and implicit method calls

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.com
Tue Sep 10 19:44:47 PDT 2013

Except http://ariya.ofilabs.com/2011/08/hall-of-api-shame-boolean-trap.html.


Till Schneidereit wrote:
>     I'm beginning to like a conditional option on [[Invoke]].
>     Consider: [[Invoke]](P, ArgumentsList, Receiver, conditional=false)
>     If conditional is false, it works just like the current [[Invoke]]
>     spec.
>     If conditional is true and the [[Get]] value is not callable (this
>     includes undefined for a missing property) result is: [false,
>     [[Get]] result].
>     if conditional is true and the [[Get]] value is callable, result
>     is [true, value returned from [[Call]]
>     The conditional form would only be used  in odd cases like the
>     toJSON call.
>     ES code can accomplish the same thing via Reflect.invoke with true
>     as the 4th argument.
> I like it. This gets around the issue of distinguishing a return value 
> of `undefined` from "no callable property with that name found" and 
> would be easy to implement for proxies, too.

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