Logical operators don't use valueOf()

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.com
Sat Sep 7 12:22:35 PDT 2013

> Marius Gundersen <mailto:gundersen at gmail.com>
> September 7, 2013 9:10 AM
> While playing around with valueOf, I discovered that three operators 
> (!, ||, &&) don' seem to use valueOf when you use them. You can test 
> this in your preferred browser here: 
> http://lab.mariusgundersen.net/valueOf
> Is there a reason for this? Shouldn't these operators work the same 
> way as the other operators?

This is intentional and dates to ES1. It arises because the && and || 
operators are value-preserving (as in Perl and various Lisps) as well as 
short-circuiting (as in C). Suppose we have

   var obj = {valueOf: function(){return Math.random() < 0.5}};
   var huh = (obj || foo) && bar;

If obj.valueOf() were called during the temporary implicit conversion to 
boolean, and its return value were truthy, then foo would not be 
evaluated and control would jump to the && bar -- but with the result of 
(obj || foo) not being true, rather being obj. Then && would have to 
evaluate obj by implicitly converting it to boolean, and under the 
hypothesis call valueOf().

The problem is that implicit conversion, which if customizable (e.g., by 
valueOf) cannot be idempotent in general, must apparently be done more 
than once -- even though there is only one "obj" term in the whole 
chain. This is a consequence of the value-preserving on top of 
short-circuiting nature of && and ||.

I argued for implementations being required to memoize implicit 
conversion results so no each term is implicitly converted at most once, 
in order to enable conversion to boolean being customizable via valueOf. 
My TC39 TG1 peer from Microsoft argued that we should throw out the 
value-preserving semantics of && and ||. In order to keep those, I conceded.

In the value objects strawman I'm working on, ! and != are not 
overloadable. Boolean test is overloadable, though, so 0L, 0UL, 0m, etc. 
can be falsy. Without reopening this ancient ES1 conflict, I hope to 
find a solution that does not complicate the semantics with memoization 
of implicit conversion results.

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