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The new revision is up in HTML format here:


Note: With this revision, old links that pointed to specific sections
using an anchor, like #sec-9.1.8, will mostly be broken with the new
document. There is currently no way to make a permalink to a section
of the document that's durable against future section renumberings.
This is issue #41 and you can comment here:

As always your bug reports, patches, and suggestions are welcome. Send
me e-mail, or file a issue on github, whatever's easier.


On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 4:12 PM, Allen Wirfs-Brock <allen at> wrote:
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> This draft has essentially no new technical content relative to rev 17.
> However, the document has been completely restructured and the rev17 content
> has redistributed roughly like this:
> Sections 6-9 define the execution environment within which ECMAScript
> programs operate.
> In previous editions, this was sections 8, 9,most of 10
> Sections 10-16 define the actual ECMAScript programming language includings
> its syntactic encoding and the execution semantics of all language features.
> In previous editions this was sections 6,7,11-14,16, and parts of 10.
> Sections 17-26 define the ECMAScript standard library. It includes the
> definitions of all of the standard objects that are available for use by
> ECMAScript programs as the execute.
> In previous editions this was section 15. In the new organization all the
> property definitions for each object are now defined in alphabetical order.
> The built-ins are now groups into logical buckets rather than one giant
> chapter.  The naming of sections 17-26 isn't necessarily final nor is the
> specific groupings.  Feed back on this will be appreciated.
> This is the reorganization that was originally discussed in:
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