new ES6 draft, rev 18

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This draft has essentially no new technical content relative to rev 17.  However, the document has been completely restructured and the rev17 content has redistributed roughly like this:

Sections 6-9 define the execution environment within which ECMAScript programs operate.
In previous editions, this was sections 8, 9,most of 10

Sections 10-16 define the actual ECMAScript programming language includings its syntactic encoding and the execution semantics of all language features.
In previous editions this was sections 6,7,11-14,16, and parts of 10.

Sections 17-26 define the ECMAScript standard library. It includes the definitions of all of the standard objects that are available for use by ECMAScript programs as the execute. 
In previous editions this was section 15. In the new organization all the property definitions for each object are now defined in alphabetical order. The built-ins are now groups into logical buckets rather than one giant chapter.  The naming of sections 17-26 isn't necessarily final nor is the specific groupings.  Feed back on this will be appreciated.

This is the reorganization that was originally discussed in: 


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