Promises: final steps

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Thu Sep 5 07:10:24 PDT 2013

Hi Kris,

Thanks for the details!  This gives us an idea what a "promise monitoring"
feature might look like in a browser's developer tools.  I think such a
feature would be really cool, but I believe that promise-using programs
ought to be debuggable using just a console.  Indeed, for a non-GUI
embedding like Node, they *must* be debuggable using just a console.

I don't think we should ship an API that is not debuggable using a console.
 However, I'm *not* in favor of a `done` method on the Promise prototype
because of functional overlap with `then`.

Another option is a static method which takes a promise and throws
rejections ala done:


Personally, I consider it a shame that promise libraries punted on the
distinction between rejections and program errors, but I suppose it's too
late to go there.

{ Kevin }
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