Promises: final steps

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Thu Sep 5 06:11:44 PDT 2013

Hi medikoo,

Thanks for posting this. I am also of the opinions that this fancy
developer tooling -- which I think is great and desperately needed anyway
-- will not substitute for the utility of .done. I expect we will
eventually decide to add .done back in. It expresses programmer intent in a
way that developer tooling cannot otherwise recover.

However, since we do not yet have experience with this tooling it is hard
to say. Given the purpose of this repository -- a minimal-ish compatible
subset of expected standard ES7 promises, adequate for DOM's immediate
needs -- we should leave .done out of this subset. Just as we are leaving
out many other features we expect will eventually be part of ES7 standard

On Thu, Sep 5, 2013 at 2:46 AM, medikoo < at>wrote:

> While I can agree that "monitor" feature (that's proposed instead of
> `done`)
> has some benefits, I see it only as an aid for developers that are
> inexperienced with promises, or as a fallback for those experienced.
> It looks more as a smart add-on, which to be complete can't be implemented
> in plain JavaScript, is implementation specific and should be treated as
> optional.
> What's more important it still doesn't provide developer with full control
> of error handling on JavaScript level and that can be achieved only with
> `done`.
> I have problems understanding why such complex and not natural feature is
> favored over something so simple and straightforward.
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