Promises: final steps

Anne van Kesteren annevk at
Tue Sep 3 06:37:54 PDT 2013

As many of you hopefully know, we're trying to nail down the design of
promises in JavaScript so we can declare consensus on it and start
shipping it in implementations. If you're interested in the
particulars I strongly recommend reading through
and partaking in the discussion. The
next TC39 is coming close and this really needs to be resolved (not
settled!) by then as there are many APIs relying on promises now.

Eg in we
decided on Promise.cast() as IsPromise(x) ? x : Promise.resolve(x). suggests
adding Promise.prototype.finally() and discusses
which convenience methods we should add in the first iteration.

I suggest we focus on the minimal subset that works (which I know is
different for people, but let's aim for consensus) and then iterate
again after we have a couple of implementations out there.


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