proposal for efficient 64-bit arithmetic without value objects

Olov Lassus olov.lassus at
Wed Oct 30 09:46:51 PDT 2013

2013/10/30 Vyacheslav Egorov <me at>

> > Rationale being faster polyfilled execution
> The main reason for H being one shot is to allow optimizing compiler
> *elide* updating it in most cases to eliminate memory traffic.

Aaah. Thanks for pointing this out - I thought only of the polyfill
performance so I neglected this key aspect of your proposal.

> After thinking about it a bit I propose the following alternative step 5:
> Math.H is from the very beggining a non-configurable non-writable
> accessor property with a getter that returns hidden inner value and
> always zeros inner value.

+1 (for now) :)

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