proposal for efficient 64-bit arithmetic without value objects

Olov Lassus olov.lassus at
Wed Oct 30 09:28:23 PDT 2013

2013/10/30 Vyacheslav Egorov <me at>

> 5. A one shot property Math.H is created that returns ch' on the first
> access and deletes itself.

Alternative step 5: Math.H is assigned ch'.

Rationale being faster polyfilled execution, in combination with a lack of
imagination from my side to come up with a use case where any code would be
interested in knowing (at run-time) whether Math.H exists or not (i.e.
whether it has already been read). Does such a use case exist?

If all of JSC, Chakra, V8 reliably optimizes away most overhead of a
polyfilled Math.H getter then perhaps this does not matter.

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