Generic Bundling

Jonathan Bond-Caron jbondc at
Sun Oct 27 09:01:36 PDT 2013

On Sun Oct 27 09:35 AM, François REMY wrote:
> ± How would you suggest to deliver an application over internet (e.g.
> ± Isn't that a bundle already?
> This claim is bogus. In all the cases I know, the packages are unzipped by the OS
> before running the application, and the application itself has no need to know
> anything about the package. The proof is that you can package the very same
> HTML app in multiple formats, and it will work for all of them.
> In other terms, the application layer (ECMAScript code) is unaware of the
> packaging layer (ZIP-based format).

I don't think I'm making any bogus claim here, those are questions?

My point is that distributing applications implies some level(s) of bundling. An application update could be a 'bundle' of files that has changed or single files (that change frequently).

My interest is at the application layer and how this can fit with System.Loader & modules. Again, I don't see why bundling and HTTP 2.0 can't co-exist.

Is it possible that HTTP 2.0 just happens to optimize for the use cases that we are seeing today?
Do you know what application use cases are going to occur 5 years from today? This propaganda that HTTP 2.0 is optimal for all those use cases is just wrong. If you have data or some objective proof, then please share.

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