Generic Bundling

François REMY at
Sun Oct 27 06:35:07 PDT 2013

± How would you suggest to deliver an application over internet (e.g.
± Isn't that a bundle already?

This claim is bogus. In all the cases I know, the packages are unzipped by the OS before running the application, and the application itself has no need to know anything about the package. The proof is that you can package the very same HTML app in multiple formats, and it will work for all of them.

In other terms, the application layer (ECMAScript code) is unaware of the packaging layer (ZIP-based format).

± Let's look at use a case: 200mb application I want to distribute over internet.
± The optimal number of connections is 1?
± You wouldn't get faster delivery with a P2P-like algorithm?

This is a different problem. The optimal number is one connection per server. Given servers generally can't send you files as fast as you can receive them, connecting to multiple servers may actually help in some cases, especially if the servers you connect to (peers) are closer to you than the original source, actually acting like a CDN.

But you cannot possibly win anything by connecting to the same server multiple times, which is what we were trying to say anyway (well, technically, it may happen you can: if the server balances its output bandwidth between clients because connecting twice make you count twice in the distribution algorithm; but then every client would connect multiple times and create some congestion without any bandwidth progress).

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