Object.create() VS functions

Michaël Rouges michael.rouges at gmail.com
Sat Oct 26 09:22:05 PDT 2013

Thank you for your answers.

Sorry for my misnomer, I meant "to copy a function", not "to clone a

In fact, it's been a while I do the technical research around the JavaScript
, and this research has led me to realize that there is no feature to simply
copy a function (or class) , including the properties thereof.

Regarding your exremièrement, there is a major difference between fn.bind()
and new Proxy(fn), fn.bind() doesn't copy the properties of the initial

Then, new Proxy(fn) doesn't allow to add properties to the returned function as
my Object.create().

@Nathan : Thanks, a little too excited in my mind, I have made ​​a mistake, I
will correct it. ;)

Michaël Rouges - https://github.com/Lcfvs - @Lcfvs
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