Multiple globals and changing prototypes

Anne van Kesteren annevk at
Wed Oct 16 03:54:13 PDT 2013

I believe last time this came up here some people hard concerns so I
was wondering whether that was still the case and what alternatives
there might be.

In we're
considering to define the behavior Gecko exhibits when moving a node
between trees in different global objects.

Event handlers and custom elements make this somewhat more tricky and
we're discussion how to work with them in the bug.

The reason we want to change prototypes is to reduce the potential for
memory leaks and give consistent behavior across nodes in a tree. I.e.
they'll always be from the same global.

(There's also the more complicated scenario, which we
should discuss separately at some point I think, but for those trying
to figure out how to define multiple realms in ECMAScript that's worth
looking into.)


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