Generic Bundling

David Bruant bruant.d at
Tue Oct 15 02:35:53 PDT 2013

Le 14/10/2013 23:20, Jorge Chamorro a écrit :
> On 14/10/2013, at 22:11, David Bruant wrote:
>> You already can with inlining, can't you?
> Yes and no:
> -It's much more complicated than pre zipping a bunch of files and adding a ref attribute.
> -It requires additional logic at the server side, and more programming.
Not really. If there was a need for lots of people, people would have 
come up with an open source grunt task already (or any other open source 
The fact that people haven't tried too hard may also be an indication 
that bundling isn't such a pressing need.

With the appropriate tooling, it could be as simple to inline in an HTML 
as it is to gzip (2 clicks for each).

With tooling being such a hot topic these days (so many talks on tooling 
and automation in confs!) and the MIT-licence culture around it, I feel 
we, web devs, should start considering asking less from the platform and 
more from the tooling.

> -It's not trivial always: often you can't simply concatenate and expect it to work as-is (e.g. module scripts).
> -You might be forcing the server to build and/or gzip (á la PHP) on the fly => much more load per request.
This is equally true from zip-bundling, no?

> -Inlined source isn't always semantically === non-inlined source => bugs.
True. It's admittedly easy to escape with decent discipline.

> It would also be very interesting to know if you had .zip packing, would you be inlining?
... yeah ... good point, I probably wouldn't :-)


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