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Russell Leggett russell.leggett at
Mon Oct 14 14:32:51 PDT 2013

This is probably the wrong place to ask the question, but I was just
thinking about the whole HTTP 2 server push thing. In a way, it surely wins
in the # of requests camp if it works as described - you request index.html
and the server intelligently starts pushing you not only index.html, but
also everything index.html needs. Even in the case of bundling, you at
least need to wait for index.html to come back before you can ask for the
bundle. And even better, because it sends everything in original granular
form, surely the caching story must be better, you won't wind up
overbundling or having overlapping bundles. Then I realized a major
(potential) flaw. If the server always pushes the dependencies for
index.html without being asked - doesn't that completely wreck the browser
cache? Browser caching relies on knowing when - and when *not* to ask. If
server push starts sending things without being asked, isn't that
potentially sending down a lot of unnecessary data?

- Russ
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