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Mon Oct 14 14:22:25 PDT 2013

On 14/10/2013, at 22:27, Andrea Giammarchi wrote:

> AFAIK you have those 500ms delay per roundtrip, as you said, but not per domain.
> I am talking about mobile and "radio" behavior where fetching from multiple sources will result in a roundtrip mess/hell but fetching all resources from a single domain should result in a roundtrip delay only for the first file.
> Accordingly, avoiding multiple CDN for different external scripts might help to speed up "first-contact" too.
> I don't remember (I might look for it) who brought all these facts on the table but I remember this was practical/concrete situation 3+ years ago and I don't expect to be different today.
> As summary: if you have 500ms delay and 10 files, you won't have 500 * 10 ,s delay but 500 plus common network delay accordingly with your host "situation" so 500 + (100 * 10) considering a regular 100 ms delay
> I mean, still some delay, but it's not multiplied 500 ... that's what I've meant :-)

You are sitting in the moon with a lamp sending signals to the earth and no matter what you do it takes more than 1 second for the light of your lamp to arrive to the earth. There is a mirror in the earth reflecting the light back to you, the round-trip will be more than 2 seconds and there's no way to fix that.

What I meant with round-trip latency is: once the connection has been established, a network packet takes almost 250 ms to go from the ethernet port of my computer the the ethernet port of a server in Brazil, and another 250 ms for the response packet to come back.

The only work around for that is making as few requests as possible.
( Jorge )();

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