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>From <>,
apparently in 1988:

The Committee’s overall goal was to develop a clear, consistent, and
> unambiguous Standard for the C programming language which codifies the
> common, existing definition of C and which promotes the portability of user
> programs across C language environments.
> The X3J11 charter clearly mandates the Committee to codify common existing
> practice. The Committee has held fast to precedent wherever this was clear
> and unambiguous.

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> > Our duty as a standards body includes specifying de-facto standards
> which browsers must implement to interop. __proto__ is one such.
> It's worth highlighting this aspect of the situation. This duty of
> standards bodies has, at least from what I can see from my limited vantage
> point, only recently become apparent. But it's a crucial part of being a
> standards body today.
> Relevant reading, from the dawn of time when this was becoming apparent in
> the HTML/web applications space (2004):
> (I look forward to people with more experience than me coming by to tell
> me about how this is not as new-fangled a paradigm as I think it is :)
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