Readdition of __proto__

Benjamin (Inglor) Gruenbaum inglor at
Mon Oct 14 12:51:08 PDT 2013

Let me start by apologizing for adding noise to the list.

I looked for discussion of the standardization of __proto__ in the ES6 spec
and couldn't find any. This is probably my shortcoming  but I didn't know
where to look or how to search the mailing list.

I found a lot of threads discussing possible problems with
Object.create(null) and __proto__ but not the discussion and decision to
include it in the spec and to tell browser vendors to implement it. And
then Branden's "famous" reply where he says he thinks it's a horrible idea

Frankly, when I heard a while back it was introduced it surprised me (why
would objects suddenly change their prototype?)  I'm really interested in
hearing the arguments and counter-arguments for/against it.

Thanks again and sorry.

Benjamin Gruenabum.
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