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IIRC roundtrip happens once per domain so your math is a bit off.
However, I've solved that using a single js Object with all modules
packed as strings and parsed at require time once to avoid huge
overhead by parsing everything at once. The name is require-client and
once gzipped gives similar advantages. However, few adopted such
approach for some reason i dont know

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> How much are we trying to save with the bundling proposal? 200ms? 300ms? Is it really worth it? I feels like we're trying to solve a first-world problem.

I think that the savings depend very much on the latency. For example
from where I am to Brazil the latency (round-trip) is almost 500 ms,
so if I could bundle 60 files in a .zip instead of requesting them in
series (say at max 6 in parallel), the page would load in a little
more than 500 ms instead of in 10 seconds.

You can also think about it this way: the price per request with 500
ms of latency, is 500kB on a 1 megabyte per second ADSL, or 1 megabyte
in a 2 megabyte/s ADSL, etc. So for 60 requests it's 30 or 60

Yes a server could perhaps fix that for me almost transparently, but
with this I could as well fix it all by myself.
( Jorge )();
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