Scoped binding of a method to an object

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Sun Oct 13 15:39:02 PDT 2013

Till Schneidereit wrote:
> OnSun, Oct 13, 2013  at 11:50 PM,  Domenic Denicola
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>>> >>  not to mention stuff like `.map` or `.reduce` would still return an Array which would result in more endless wrapping.
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>> >  This is actually not true as of ES6; ES6 uses `this.constructor` to figure out how to create the returned instance, which means inherited versions of `map`/`reduce`/etc. will automatically return new `XArray`s.
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>> >  It's quite a clever trick IMO, so we should all thank Allen for pushing for it and doing the spec work to make it possible:)
> Here's to hoping that it'll actually work in practice and not break
> too many sites.

Yes, we are not nearly out of the woods on this one.

In fact, at the September TC39 meeting, did we not agree that more work 
was needed, and to go back to the lab? Allen (editor) and Rick (notes 
taker) know.


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