Generic Bundling

Brendan Eich brendan at
Sun Oct 13 12:30:54 PDT 2013

> Anne van Kesteren <mailto:annevk at>
> October 11, 2013 12:34 AM
> On Fri, Oct 11, 2013 at 3:53 AM, Brendan Eich<brendan at>  wrote:
>>> On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 8:10 PM, Andrea Giammarchi
>>> <andrea.giammarchi at<mailto:andrea.giammarchi at>>  wrote:
>>>      You are confining the problem in HTTP only scenarios while the
>>>      solution provided by
>>>      <script src="lib/main.js" ref=””></script>
>> No, you're right -- agree with you and Andrea, this is sweet.
> It would require each end point that wants to support this to have new
> syntax. A solution from will not
> require updating all the end points.

That doc is a bit cryptic.

Can you explain how new URL syntax to address a ZIP member (I like, we 
had it in the ancient days with JAR files [ZIPs of course] using '!') 
avoids updating both end points? The content on the server starts using

<script src="!lib/main.js"></script>

How do old browsers cope?

>> HTML nerd nit: is "ref" the right name? I thought it was used as an
>> attribute name somewhere in HTML or nearby, but I can't find it. Cc'ing
>> Anne.
> You might be thinking of "rev" (which is obsolete now in favor of
> using "rel" everywhere).

That's it, thanks!


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