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Fri Oct 11 06:43:48 PDT 2013

Le 11/10/2013 15:15, Russell Leggett a écrit :
> Just wanted to point out a couple of previous attempts at something 
> similar to generic bundling and the reactions it got, because so far 
> it hasn't panned out.
> Way back in 2008, it was my one and only real contribution to the 
> whatwg list before getting a little frustrated and moving on: 
> Then a year later, Alex Limi independently came up with a very similar 
> proposal:
The "Be entirely transparent to browsers that do not support it." goal 
can't be achieved with @ref (but maybe polyfilled) specifically because 
it makes @src relative to the archive root.

> and actually got a version of it working in some branch of firefox: 
Conclusion of the bug:
"We've pretty clearly decided to spend our resources on SPDY and HTTP 
pipelining, rather than this approach."

> And here's a couple of discussions on that proposal: 
> <>
> As you can see the resource packages attempt got dropped. Perhaps this 
> proposal will go through because it is tied to the module loader?
Server push is happening regardless. For all I know it's already agreed 
upon, it's not an "if", it's a "when" (happy to hear if some have 
fresher infos)

> Not sure if this changes anything, carry on.
Server push is happening as part of HTTP 2.0. Do you have a use case in 
which it's insufficient?

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