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David Bruant bruant.d at
Fri Oct 11 03:02:11 PDT 2013

Le 11/10/2013 03:10, Andrea Giammarchi a écrit :
> You are confining the problem in HTTP only scenarios while the 
> solution provided by
> <script src="lib/main.js" ref=””></script>
> can be handy/reused in offline packaged applications too so HTTP 2 
> might win on HTTP but it's not a general HTML App packaging option.
Packaged apps have other options to preload resources. For instance 
resources to be preloaded could be listed individually in the manifest file.
Arguably, we already have link at rel="prefetch" for that purpose too.
Providing a zip in the manifest file could work, but I'm not sure I see 
the benefit over individual files. Disk fragmentation issues maybe?

> Back to the HTTP support, I would go for the possibility to bundle 
> through CDN too which might penalize minor used libraries (like few of 
> mines) but boost up most common scenario across websites or apps 
> (thinking about Angular bundle, Ember bundle, jQueryUI bundle or ExtJS 
> bundle, etc)
Except for geographical distribution, CDNs are rendered irrelevant in 
HTTP 2.0, because HTTP 2.0 solves all the parallelism issues HTTP 1.1 
has. Hopefully CDN will evolve to propose to deliver your full app with 
server push (so no need for library bundles since the bundle is part of 
your application).

Back to the deployment question, when HTTP 2.0 is out with server push 
(SPDY is already in Firefox, Chrome and IE11), will there still be a use 
for @ref? Will browser with support for @ref and no support for server 
push exist at all?

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