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HTTP 2 is coming with a feature called server-push [1] which seems more 
appropriate for this type of bundling.
In essence, when being asked for a webpage, the server sends the HTML 
page as well as a bunch of resources (CSS, JS, image, whatever) in the 
same HTTP response. These are individually decompressed and cached and 
available handy when the HTML parsing requires fetching resources (lots 
of that can happen in parallel I imagine, depending on the bundling).
Best of all, this is all seamless. Just keep writing HTML as you've 
always had, no need for new "$/lib/main.js" syntax. It keeps 
the HTML decoupled from the "how" of resource delivery.

Among other benefits [1]:
"pushed resources are cached individually by the browser and can be 
reused across many pages"
=> It's not clear this can happen with an

"by the time the browser discovers the script tag in the HTML response 
the |main.js| file is already in cache, and no extra network roundtrips 
are incurred!"
=> Not even a need to load an additional

We can discuss the deployment aspects of HTTP 2 and whether Generic 
Bundling as proposed can provide benefits before HTTP 2 is fully 
deployed, but I feel the bottleneck will be the server-side engineering 
to bundle the resources and this work is equivalent for both HTTP 2 and 
the proposed Generic Bundling.
So HTTP 2 wins?



Le 10/10/2013 19:30, Jonathan Bond-Caron a écrit :
> About Generic Bundling in:
> <script src="$/lib/main.js"></script>
> It could be reworked as:
> <link rel="loader" type="application/zip" href="">
> <script src="lib/main.js"></script>
> Simple pattern for packaging web apps where '' might be 
> already available.
> For remote fetching, I imagine it would block waiting for 
> to be available. Could be solved with something like:
> <script src="lib/main.js" ref=""></script>
> Which would lookup <link rel="loader"> and match to 
> Either way, I'm curious where the discussion is taking place, w3c?
> How does this fit with Ecmascript, System.loader?
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