FYI: Ecma-404 approved and published

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On 08/10/2013, at 19:59, Allen Wirfs-Brock wrote:

> The Ecma General Assembly has approved by letter ballot Ecma-404: THE JSON Data Interchange Formal
> See 
> It provides the normative specification of the syntax of JSON Text used for data interchange.  Note that it does not define any semantics for such texts. There are many such possible semantics.   Actual data interchange requires agreement between a producer and consumer regarding the semantic interpretation of a JSON text.  This might, for example,  take the form of ad hoc agreement between a producer and consumer upon an application specific JSON "schema" or it might be the subject of other standards that defines a semantics for some particular use case of the Ecma-404 JSON syntax.

IIUC top level values are valid JSON texts now, is that right?

4 JSON Text 
A JSON text is a sequence of tokens formed from Unicode code points that conforms to the JSON value 

The document is sublime. 14 pages of which 8 are not content. Now that's concise. I love it. The intro is, well, chapeau!.

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