Generator Arrow Functions

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Sat Nov 16 06:56:32 PST 2013

Heck, why not just add async functions to the agenda?


- Promises, yay
- A well-establish use-case, which is awkward to implement without (as the
original post demonstrates)
- Strong syntactic precedent with C#
- Strong semantic cowpath with TaskJS
- Strong developer interest
- A year to work out any kinks : )

By "async function", I mean something like:

async function F(p1, p2, ...pN) {
   await G();

which would de-sugar to something like:

function F(...args) {
    return Task.spawn(function(p1, p2, ...pN) {
      (yield G());
    }.bind(this, ...args));

With a [NoNewLine] after the "async" contextual keyword, obviously.

Low-risk, high-reward?
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