Generator Arrow Functions

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Sat Nov 16 01:28:36 PST 2013

>> What I don't understand is why generator expressions are not used
>> as the only way to create generators, leaving 'function' alone.
> We have been over this before: to support flows that for-of loops cannot 
> expression, specifically coroutine libraries such as

Which is why I keep suggesting block-style generator expressions
in addition to comprehension-style generator expressions. The
equivalent of today's

    function*() { ... yield value ... }

would be 

    function() { return do* { ... yield value ... }}

or, if 'function' peculiarities don't matter, the simpler

   () => do* { ... yield value ... }

As far as I can tell, no functionality would go missing. 'function' and 
arrow would remain on par and function and generators would
remain separate (but composable) building blocks, leading to a more
modular language spec. You could keep 'function*' as syntactic sugar.


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