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Could someone help me understand why two goals for parsing JS is a good

On Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 3:30 PM, John Barton <johnjbarton at> wrote:

> Just a user-experience report with traceur: the following code fails to
> compile in the repl.html and command line compiler:
> -----
> import {WrapNewObjectTransformer} from './WrapNewObjectTransformer';
> export function transcode(src, url) {
>     var file = new SourceFile(url, src);
>     var reporter = new ErrorReporter();
>     var tree = new Parser(reporter, file).parseProgram(true);
>     return (new WrapNewObjectTransformer()).transformAny(tree);
> }
> ----
> It fails on 'unexpected token export'. This was unexpected by me ;-)
> However it does seem consistent with the grammar in
>  The |export|
> keyword is part of an ExportDeclaration which appears in a ModuleElement
> but not in a ScriptElement. The parser believes it is parsing a Script. So
> the only way to legally parse JS as a Module is as a side-effect of module
> loading?
> I suppose that a Script is intended to be the root of the dependency tree,
> so the error message is trying to tell me "You are compiling an interior
> node of the dependency tree silly". But both Script and Module are things
> that JS devs will want to compile. Concretely I will want to be able to
> copy the contents of a JS file and paste it into a repl window to analyze
> it without having it die on syntax errors because it is a module.
> hth,
> jjb
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