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That's strange. I believe I replied to different thread. Sorry.

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> Why can’t we do Uint64 class inside Math namespace to be used for all the
> 64-bit arithmetic operations?
> Like:
> var x = Math.Uint64(2);
> var y = Math.Uint64.fromString(“0x12345678abcdef01”);
> var z = x.mul(y); // or Math.Uint64.mul(x, y)
> var z_hi = z.hi; // highest 32-bit part
> var z_lo = z.lo; // lowest 32-bit part
> var z_val = Number(z); // or z.valueOf(), returns IEEE.754-compatible
> float64 number when possible (with highest possible precision, so no loss
> up to +-2^52)
> Such syntax looks not so “low-level” for JS devs, should be easily
> polyfilled by current engines and optimized by new ones.

Please read and review the value types proposal which will
eventually replace the current contents of value objects

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