Overriding Map/etc with get/set hooks?

David Bruant bruant.d at gmail.com
Wed May 22 10:35:41 PDT 2013

Le 22/05/2013 19:02, Tab Atkins Jr. a écrit :
> On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 9:44 AM, Brendan Eich <brendan at mozilla.com> wrote:
>> NodeList extends Array now but is not literally Array plus hooks. Same for Map and the quite different thing you're specifying.
> NodeList is an interesting case, actually.  It's an Array, but with a
> type restriction.
I'm a bit lost here. What exactly do you label as "Array"? What is a 
"type restriction"?

For sure, Array.isArray(anyNodeList) === false
So the ES spec seems to disagree with the statement "a NodeList is an Array"

> Live NodeLists even have basically the same linkage
> behavior I'm talking about.
> What do I need to do to get a Map like that?
Proxy is the answer to your question (FWIW I've made a proxy-based 
implementation of arrays a while back [1]). But both cases can't really 
be compared.
 From a dev perspective, the interface of an array is its own properties 
(numerical up to 2^32-1, connection with the .length property...) and 
the interface of a map is the methods/accessors on the prototype 
([[MapData]] being "just" a spec tool that could be replaced by anything 
else as long as prototype methods were behaving observably the same)

If your object can have *any* property name, that can shadow the 
get/set/has property you need to interact with your map. I'm not sure 
what the solution is, but a proxy doesn't sound like a good idea at 
least because of the shadowing issue.



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