Module naming and declarations

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Mon May 20 18:51:11 PDT 2013

> Please! There is no magic pixie dust whereby the Internet solves the
> configuration problem for us.
No pixie dust was involved - just vision.  If you would like to define
exactly what you mean by "configuration problem", I would be happy to get

I'm not entirely sure where the knee-jerk reaction is coming from, but this
is what I'd like for anyone to take away from my previous post:

- Any claims that the "logical names" design works out-of-the-box is false
- A URL-based system using today's tech can provide superior out-of-the-box

I've provided demonstrations for these claims above.  If you have a concise
counter argument, let's see it! As always, I am happy to be proven wrong.

{ Kevin }
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