Module naming and declarations

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Mon May 20 13:19:28 PDT 2013

> > It seems to me that when the module graph scales to a certain size, a
> > package manager (and name registry) is going to be essential to this
> design.
> Here, you're saying the design needs a package manager to work well at
> scale, and calling it a flaw.
I wouldn't call it a flaw.  But a requirement that has repeatedly surfaced
in this discussion is that the system must work out-of-the-box, and
therefore I think it's fair game to analyze just how well the "logical
names" design works out-of-the-box.

> Let's imagine a world where publicly available modules are located at
> sites
> > specifically designed for naming and serving JS modules.  Call it a web
> > registry.  Intra-package dependencies are bundled together using lexical
> > modules - the package is the smallest unit that can be referenced in
> such a
> > registry.
> Here, you're _assuming_ a "web registry" and claiming that it makes
> your suggestion "work out-of-the-box".

Sure - and why not?  The internet *is* the included battery.  Obviously, I
understand that there exists no such registry today, but everything is in

{ Kevin }
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