Traits/Mixins for class syntax

Dmitry Soshnikov dmitry.soshnikov at
Thu May 16 14:11:40 PDT 2013

Hey guys,

Sorry for the random question (probably it was already discussed).

What is a current state having mixins/traits syntax along with a class


class Foo extends Bar {
  use EventEmitter, CommonMethodsMixin;

where mixins provided in "use" declarations are simple objects which are
copied to the Foo.prototype. (with potential optimization of delegating to

We currently use an extension in our pre-processing infrastructure, which
does exactly what described above (so it's not that hard to have it as a
sugar in local projects):

class Foo extend Bar mixin(EventEmitter) { ... }, although "use" seems fits
better and to have it on standard level is seems reasonable.

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