Module naming and declarations

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at
Wed May 8 14:31:11 PDT 2013

[sorry if you saw an earlier empty message - unknown keycombo!-(]

> That is not my position.  My position has always been that if you want
> "logical names", then a reasonable way to do that is via a scheme:
>    import $ from "package:jquery";

A possible alternative might be to switch defaults, using generic
relative syntax (<scheme>:<relative>) to keep the two uses apart 
while avoiding having to introduce a new scheme

    import $ from "http:jquery"; // it's a URL, don't mess with it
    import $ from "jquery"; // it's a logical name, do your thing

The default loader could still cache URL-based resources (permitting
bundling), but should not impose non-URL semantics.


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