Module naming and declarations

Kevin Smith zenparsing at
Wed May 8 06:22:44 PDT 2013

>> Hmm. It's funny, you know, Python programs sometimes say
>     import os
> and I don't think anyone has ever claimed that the word "os" there is
> really just a URL or really just a filename.

There are at least two issues underlying this difference:

- Other languages are generally free to define their own semantics for
referencing external "things", whereas JavaScript (as embedded in the
browser) already has such semantics in-place.  Adopting different semantics
will introduce cognitive dissonance.

- Many other languages (compile-to-js aside) can assume access to a file
system.  They can assume a PATH variable and they can search for an
external "things" in a multitude of places.  There is a higher level of
indirection between the logical path and the physical path.

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