B.3.1 The __proto__ pseudo property

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On Tue, May 7, 2013 at 1:52 PM, Allen Wirfs-Brock <
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> So here is the plan that I'll review at the next TC39 meeting:
> 1) Add Object.setPrototypeOf(obj, proto)
> A obj must be extensible in order to change its [[Prototype]]. There are
> no realm restrictions.  It's just like all the other Object.* methods in
> operating on any object, independent of realm association.


> 2) Object.prototype.__proto__ is moved back to Annex B.

Since __proto__, unlike __defineGetter__, provides functionality that is
otherwise unavailable, all JS platforms will treat it as mandatory whether
we put it into Appendix B or the main text. At this point, I think moving
this back to Appendix B would be an obviously meaningless gesture

> It is defined as an accessor property with attributes {enumerable: true,
> configurable: true}.  The get and set functions are defined equivalently to
> Object.setPrototypeOf and Object.getPrototypeOf.  No realm restrictions.
>  No reflection restrictions. Object.getOwnPropertyNames(Object.prototype)
> includes "__proto__".


> 3) __proto__ as a property key in an object literal (but not a class
> definition) is syntax with special semantics of setting the literal
> object's [[Prototype]] when it is created.  It is a clause 11 feature and
> is not tied to the presence of  Object.prototyype.__proto__.

I hadn't thought about this irregularity if it appears within a class
definition. That aside, +1.

> 4) Both Object.setPrototypeOf and Object.prototype.__proto__ are defined
> in terms of the [[SetInheritance]]/[[GetInhertiance]] MOP operations (the
> names can still change).  There are  corresponding Proxy traps.  There are
> no exceptional restrictions placed on the handlers.  Just the normal
> invariants. In particular, if the target is non-extensible then the
> [[SetInheritaqnce]] Proxy handler can't change the observable
> [[GetInhertance]] result for the proxy object.

+1. Excellent!

> Allen
> On May 7, 2013, at 12:18 PM, Mark Miller wrote:

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