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Sigh. Probably scarcity of time and an insufficiently strong stomach rather
than any real principle. FWIW, searching for "ES5 Appendix B" and "Harmless
whatwg" at <
gives 6 and 13 candidates respectively. It is also illuminating to look at
the other commented entries on this whitelist.

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> From: Mark S. Miller [erights at google.com]
> > Much as I hate to say this, but if all major JS platforms support some
> harmless feature, cross-browser web content will come to depend on that
> feature. In that case, we are better off doing the work to codify an agreed
> common behavior for that feature, rather than have all implementors guess
> separately how to best be compatible with what other implementors are
> guessing. Remember block nested functions as a cautionary tale.
> While I (sadly) agree with the sentiment, I wonder why this logic hasn't
> been applied to `String.prototype.blink()` and friends? ;)
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