Promise/Future: asynchrony in 'then'

medikoo at
Thu May 2 01:38:39 PDT 2013

I think eventual synchronicity of `then` is just theoretical problem and in
practice we face much bigger issues when we force asynchronicity.

If we want to have "fast" asynchronicity, then we enter the problem of
overloaded recurrence of next tick calls. It was already exposed by popular

If we do it with setTimeout or setImmediate, then performance is
significantly affected, and that diminishes the benefit of why we're
actually using asynchronous calls.

Promises while being aid for asynchronicity should not introduce any extra
asynchronicity on it's own.
Any optional next-tick resolution should be decided by user of library and
not by library itself.
If library forces it by design then we enter the world of issues like that

I'm using promise library which few versions back moved away from forced
next-tick resolution (mainly for performance reasons), and I didn't register
any issues caused by that change. It actually confirmed me, that it's the
way it should be.

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