Set some, every, reduce, filter, map methods

Peter Michaux petermichaux at
Sat Mar 30 21:16:32 PDT 2013

The order of iteration of a set is the order of insertion of elements
into the set. So reduce and reduceRight would actually be different. I
should have included reduceRight in my list.


On Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 5:06 AM, Herby Vojčík <herby at> wrote:
> Definitely, +1.
> Also, add reduceRight as well, even if it would only do the same as reduce.
> Peter Michaux wrote:
>> In another thread, I'm told there is currently no plans to add the
>> following to Set.prototype.
>> some
>> every
>> reduce
>> filter
>> map
>> These seem like very natural additions and the type of operations that
>> one would want to do on sets.
>> Peter
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